Orbis Ring Flash

Orbis Ring Flash
Orbis Ring Flash

Every now and then something comes along that has one intended purpose, but I see more potential for other uses!  One such product is the new, as yet to be released, Orbis Ring Flash.  The Orbis is made to work with your current strobe unit to soften and direct the light directly from the lens axis.  It is actually a type of ‘beauty light’.  However, it would appear to me that this unit might also be a subsitute for the more expensive macro ring flash units – and it would be more universal!  Best of all, the unit is suppose to cost less than $200, which makes it considerably less expensive than dedicated macro flash units.

  The unit is suppose to be released in the next month or so and you can sign up for their newsletter (and a chance to win one!) at http://www.orbisflash.com/.  I’ll be posting updates here after it has been released along with a review as to how well it might work as a macro flash unit.

While I don’t have a unit at the moment for testing and review, I thought it was worth bringing this to everyone’s attention.  As soon as I get a unit, I will post a complete review!

2 Responses to “Orbis Ring Flash”

  1. Jim, you have put together a great site. It was fun chatting with you recently at the NANPA Road Show!

  2. Likewise and thanks for checking out my site!!

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